Bahamas Yacht Rentals – What You Should Expect

Bahamas Yacht Rentals – What You Should Expect

January 5, 2019 Off By Lauren

During a recent trip to the Bahamas with a group of friends we decided to indulge in one of the many Bahamas yacht rentals that were on offer. Chartering a yacht was something which a couple of people in the group had already done before so all eyes were on them to get us the very best deal. After much chatting and organizing we eventually settled on a great company who could not have given us a better service or a better trip away. Given the money that a yacht rental can cost, it is vital that you get your selection just right and here is what you should expect from the service.


The first thing that you should expect from this kind of service is absolute transparency. This transparency should extend to how much you will be paying, ensuring that the only costs which you pay are those that have been laid out from the beginning. The transparency should also be around what it is that you would like to go and what you would like to do. Be sure to speak at length with the captain to make sure that he or she understands what the needs of the group are and whether or not they are able to meet your requests.

Food Choices

During your time on the yacht the food will be prepared for you by the team on-board and you should have a meeting prior to leaving about what food it is that you would like. This is a great opportunity for you to detail any dietary requirements which you may have and discuss the kind of food that you enjoy. Given that this is the food which you will be eating for the next four or five days you need to make sure that you get it right.


During your time on-board the yacht it is likely that you will drum up something of a rapport with the staff members which can add a little something extra to your trip. Ultimately however you should expect great service from the staff and you will know from the outset what kind of people they are. We have heard many stories about rude staff on yachts, not here in the Bahamas I might add, and this is of course something which you should avoid. If you have reservations about the staff then don’t take the trip as this will only get worse after spending days with each other.

Value For Money

At the ned of the day your number one expectation should be value for money, are you getting great quality food? Is the service top notch? What are the facilities like? Are you able to go to all the places that you want to go to? These are the questions which you should be asking yourself when considering whether or not you are getting great value for money.