Charter Bus Atlanta – The benefits of Chartering a Bus Service

Charter Bus Atlanta – The benefits of Chartering a Bus Service

January 4, 2019 Off By Lauren

A large group friends and myself have been taking an annual group trip each year on labor day weekend and we generally like to go around the state of Georgia and the surrounding states. Usually we take a convoy of around 5 or 6 cars but last year we decided to do something different and use a chartered bus service. When it comes to a charter bus Atlanta doesn’t have a great deal to offer but we did manage to find a great company who suited just what we needed. And so we all got our bags on board and settled in for the journey and the decision to rent a bus service turned out to be a great one. If you like to travel in a group then here is why I would recommend that you charter a bus company.


Generally speaking it is the same 5 or 6 people who drive every time that we go away, and I am one of those who drives. I don’t mind driving but there are sometimes when you wouldn’t mind having a couple of beers and you cannot or even those days when you have to drive and you really don’t want to. To not have the responsibility of driving was an absolute blessing and I can vouch for the rest of the group of drivers to say that we all loved not having to get behind the wheel.


Although it wasn’t our primary intention when we decided to hire a bus, traveling in this way actually saved us a great deal of money. Once you tot up how much it costs for gas, tolls, insurance and maintenance, and then multiply that number by 6 for each car, the bus worked out way cheaper and I reckon we managed to save around $150 each through taking the bus.

No Issues

Each of the last 6 years have been wrought with some kind of problem such as a breakdown, an accident or some damage and when that happens it can really put a spanner in the works, if you will excuse the pun. Because of the fact that we chartered a bus however we were able to rid ourselves of the risk of these things happening which meant that we wouldn’t lose any time or money because of a problem with the car. Even if something did happen to the bus it would of course be the responsibility of the bus company to fix the problem.

Travel Together

For many of us the best part of this trip was the fact that we could all travel together rather than driving to our destination in separate cars.This was brilliant especially for the kids who traveled with us because it meant that they could all play with each other during the journey.

If you are going on a group road trip, be sure that you explore chartered bus options.