Shipping Your Personal Belongings Abroad

Shipping Your Personal Belongings Abroad

September 12, 2020 Off By Lauren

Whether you’re returning to your own country after a few years abroad, returning home after a holiday or are moving to a new country to start a new life, having your personal belongings with you as soon as you arrive at your destination will help you to settle in as quickly as possible without having to worry about your international shipment.

As many of these personal effects are essential items and high in sentimental value, you won’t want to trust their care to just anybody. Just like international pet shipping, personal effects shipping can be one of the most anxious parts of a move, with many people feeling anxious until their treasured possessions have arrived safe and sound.

When you’re planning a flight back to your home country, the last thing you want to be doing is carrying heavy boxes and bags down to the post office for shipping.  To save you the time, energy and stress, find an international shipping company that offers easy and convenient door-to-door service, collecting your personal effects from your location and delivering them safely and securely to your destination.  Sending your heavy and bulky boxes separately will allow you to travel more lightly, taking the strain off of the move or flight back and allowing you to arrive in a cheery mood.

Whether household items, personal effects or larger items, you are strongly advised to research an international shipping company that uses expert packing materials, door to door service and who prioritise moving your personal belongings as utmost important.  Choose an international shipping company with good reputation and extensive experience to put your mind at ease. Make sure that the company offers luggage tracking on all personal belongings shipping as well as SMS, Whatsapp and email notifications. This will give you informed of your belongings wherever in the world they happen to be at any time of the day or night. Find out if the company provides dedicated customer support team who will happily answer all questions and queries.  

Another important subject to bring up is making sure your personal effects arrive at the time required. The moving company will be knowledgeable about shipping times and when your shipment should begin their journey. Another aspect to question is the company’s credentials. Ask if they are members of the FIDI (an organization created to uphold international moving companies to high business ethics) and are certified with the ISO 9002, the Registered International Mover Certification, and the Overseas Movers Network International.

To entrust your family photos, souvenirs and other sentimental and pricey items to the most reliable pair of hands around, look no further than at Shiply.  At Shiply, there is a vast range of licensed and insured movers ready to give you personalized rates for shipping items internationally, often up to 75% cheaper than usual rates, but to get the cheapest and most accurate quotes you first need to provide them with a few details about the move via a simple online form.

Planning ahead and doing ample research prior to your trip back to your home country will help you find the best way to get your personal items home safely.