Why Croatia Should Be Top Of Your Bucket List

Why Croatia Should Be Top Of Your Bucket List

June 10, 2019 Off By Lauren

Recently, Croatia has caught the eye of travelers and adventure seekers. It appears to be a gem that had been hidden from the rest of the world and has now been discovered. Bloggers and even travel agencies are yet to settle on one specific reason that is making Croatia one of the most loved destinations. The reasons however stretch from the beautiful landscape and tourist attraction sites to the general ambience. So popular has it become, that it was lately ranked among the top three affordable and beautiful destinations globally. Let us look at some of the reasons that make Croatia irresistible.

1. Weather

Croatia is one of the hottest nations in Europe alerts with up to 12 hours of daylight in May and June. During the months of July and August, the hours actually increase to 13. This makes it a more preferred destination compared to other countries in Europe. Therefore, you will be able to do more outdoor activities which will give you variety over other places.

2. Film Location

The most talked about show of our time, Game of Thrones has some of their scenes shot in Croatia. This is one of the reasons that has boosted the popularity of Croatia and placed it on the world map. If you are a fan, you will remember areas like King’s landing and the Red Keep, both of which are locations on Croatia. The walls of Dubrovnik are presented as King’s landing while the Trsteno Arboretum is shot as the garden at the Red Keep. At the same time, the city of Qarth is actually St Dominic monastery. To enjoy these sites to the fullest, you can hire the services of a professional travel agency for an unforgettable Croatia.

3. Water Activities

This country has the Dalmatian beautiful beaches with white sands and a spectacular view. The waters are clear and have an intriguing marine life. You can decide to have a quiet getaway in a villa or choose a fun beach party experience on the shores of this sea.

Activities like snorkeling and diving are also available given the clarity of the waters. Take a dive into the sea and catch a glimpse of the beautiful aquatic life as well as the rocks. Once you are done with the underwater, you can hire a boat or a yacht and cruise through the sea. It is a great way of experiencing the waves and relaxing while surrounded by the water. You can also take a tour to a local seafood area and enjoy a variety of sea foods and your choice of wine.

4. The Culture

The best way to learn the culture of the Croatian people is by attending culture festivals. If you happen to visit between July and August, then you can catch up with the Dubrovnik summer festival. Both local and international artists grace this show therefore attracting visitors worldwide. If you miss it, then you can go to the hills of Tiny Motovun where vibrant festivals take place within the ancient walls.